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Oh, the Stories We Tell!

Oh, the Stories We Tell! | David S. Frey DDSTelling stories is the way that much of our history gets passed down from generation to generation. Stories can entertain, they can teach. If you’re not careful, the stories you tell yourself could also inhibit your total wellness. Here, we want to point out some of the stories people tell themselves when they need tooth replacement. Specifically, these stories are related to dental implants. And to be clear, they aren’t stories; they are all lies that we want our Beverly Hills patients to steer clear of.

“I don’t deserve to get dental implants.”

Would you ever tell yourself that you don’t deserve to have a full set of natural teeth? These oral fixtures sprouted up in your mouth before you ever game them a thought before you ever did anything to “deserve” them. Why would dental implants be any different, other than that they have become necessary to restore a natural look and feel to your smile? They aren’t. You deserve to have the ability to make all the sounds of speech, to chew crunchy and dense and chewy foods like nobody’s business! Translation: you have to do nothing at all to deserve dental implants.

“I’m old, and it doesn’t matter.”

You know who tells themselves this story? Patients in mid-life! Patients who have many more years ahead of them to smile and speak and eat and laugh and enjoy life. And, to be honest, even a 90-year-old who is in good health could get dental implants. Why spend even one year, one day, with a dental restoration that does not meet all of your needs? No matter your age, we are happy to consult with you about tooth replacement that works.

“Dental implants are too expensive.”

This is a big story and one that should not be told. All forms of tooth replacement require the monetary investment. Some cost less up front but keep you paying throughout the years. Implants cost more up front, but patients typically require less maintenance for restorations after their initial investment.

“I’m fine without a replacement tooth at all.”

It’s difficult to address this story without rolling the eyes a little. We’ll be clear. You need your teeth, every last one of them. The gap in the mouth will be noticeable. More than that, the fact that a tooth is just not there means that other teeth have to pick up the slack, putting them at risk for excessive wear and damage.

Put an end to stories like these by getting the facts about dental implants. Call our Beverly Hills office at 310-276-4537.



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