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Let's get Your Smile Back! | David S. Frey DDSHave you lost that special something in your smile, something like your teeth? Even if the tooth that has been lost is in the back of your mouth, consequences will occur. Even ancient civilizations understood this, as is evidenced by the development of dentures back in 700BC. We need our teeth to look healthy and attractive. We also need our teeth – as many of them as possible – so we can chew food sufficiently to maintain physical health. Tooth loss has been an important topic of discussion and, fortunately, are of research and development. The benefits of dental implants for tooth replacement are evident to patients of our Beverly Hills office.

What are Dental Implants?

Most people have heard of dental implants, but may not really know what these fixtures are. A dental implant looks like a very small screw. Essentially, it is; one that is made of biocompatible material, and for specific use in the mouth.  A dental implant is not seen. Its permanent location is hidden beneath the gums. This replicates the natural structure of teeth roots, and it also reinstates the same stability one gets from the natural framework.

The fact that dental implants are singular posts does not mean that your dentist replaces one tooth at a time. This method of restorative care has evolved over the past few decades into a technique through which patients can replace just one tooth, or a number of teeth. Most recently, dental implants have become the new norm in full-mouth replacement with dentures. Using the appropriate number of posts, approximately 12, an experienced implant dentist sets the stage for a lifetime of stability, comfort, and natural beauty. Thanks to implants, tooth replacement will never look the same.

Finding your Path

The beauty of dental implant treatment is that there are no hard-set rules. It used to be that bone structure was a factor in determining a patient’s candidacy. Today, there are ways to build up bone tissue in areas of substantial loss, making implants available to a much wider patient demographic. During the initial consultation and examination, we assess bone density, gum health, and we also discuss general health and lifestyle habits, such as tobacco use.

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