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Tooth Whitening From Your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Tooth whitening is the number one cosmetic dental treatment being performed today. I recently read a statistic that stated 60% of women in the US had whitened their teeth! There are lots of options for whitening including at-home treatments such as strips, as well as several options available only through your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

Why bleach your teeth? Over time the enamel on your teeth can become discolored from aging, staining from certain foods and liquids, as well as cigarette smoking and some medications. Yellow, dingy teeth make us look older and a bright, white smile makes us look more youthful and energetic.

The two most common options available for tooth whitening from your dentist are custom fitted bleaching trays or the ZOOM! whitening system. Custom fitted bleaching trays are created using an impression of your teeth and include professional strength whitening gel. The trays are filled with gel and are worn for a short amount of time each day. This system allows the patient to have total control over the final result.

The ZOOM! whitening system is an in office treatment which uses a special light to activate a bleaching gel applied to your teeth by the dentist. This system will allow you to have almost instant gratification – a whiter smile in about an hour!

Over-the-counter options available are numerous and more are arriving on the shelves each day. Most of these products are not highly effective and usually require longer periods of time or more frequent use. The results of some over-the-counter products are questionable.

There are some types of  tooth discoloration that cannot be bleached away. Examples include staining from tetracycline and other medications. In these cases dental veneers are an alternative option available to patients. Dental veneers not only give you a whiter smile but can also hide imperfections such as crooked or misshapen teeth.

Remember that no bleaching system should be used without first consulting your dentist. It is important to make certain that your smile is healthy enough to begin a bleaching treatment and that your teeth are as clean as possible. Always start your bleaching soon after your dental hygiene appointment for best results.

Please contact Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey at 310-276-4537 today to schedule your tooth whitening appointment. A whiter, brighter smile is just a phone call away!

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