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For a Sparkling White Supermodel Smile Call Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. David Frey

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Whether you’re in show business, taking selfies or simply purely vain, teeth whitening these days is almost de rigueur.  Flashing yellow or stained teeth just isn’t very flattering.  Enter celebrity dentist David S. Frey DDS, one of the vanguards of turning tainted teeth into works of art.  Now picture yourself in his office under the able hands of Sarah, a dental technician who will help you obtain that supermodel grin.  The serene young women explain the technique saying it will take 15-minutes a quadrant and might hurt.  “But if it does signal me,” she assures.  There is no discernible pain except for an antsy person who has trouble sitting for long periods of time without reading material (you have googles on) or mobile device (there is music on tape, Eagles’ hit tunes to be precise)

So you sit there listening to “Hotel California,” “One of These Nights,” and “Cheating Eyes,” trying not to count the minutes until the alert goes off that this session is done.  Sarah carefully protects your gums and puts gauze to keep bleach from being swallowed.  She checks on you regularly to make sure you’re comfortable.  When you’re finish Sarah advises that you don’t eat or drink anything for at least 24-hours that could stain your teeth such as red wine or coffee.  She also smiles showing her beautiful teeth as she mentions that your teeth will actually get even whiter in the next few days.  And they have.

Once the treatment is over and you look in the mirror at teeth so much whiter than when you began you think it was well worth the effort.  And it was.  Of course Dr. Frey isn’t the only act in town, but one this Examiner went to on the recommendation of a friend.  Frey is Dr. David Frey, D.D.S. is known for several other popular procedures, such as his signature Smile Makeover via a full mouth restoration.  But his pioneering work in neuromuscular treatments prevalent in his practice is the foundation of creating, not only a perfect smile, but also simultaneously repairing many severe ailments and problems like TMJ, headaches, upper spinal alignment, and more.  Further, his expertise and prowess in the area of dental arts has led to the invention of his patented ZONE mouth guard, to lessen concussions in high impact sports.

David S. Frey DDS is located at 462 North Linden Drive, suite 414 in Beverly Hills.

Appointments can be made at 310-276-4537 or online.

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