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Your Smile is Not a Cookie

Smile Makeover Beverly HillsDuring the holidays, you may have seen your fair share of those cute little cut-out cookies; ones made to look like ugly sweaters or reindeer or good old Santa himself. As children, many of us enjoyed the process of using cookie-cutters to create our very own delectables to be intricately decorated. Today, we can drive through neighborhoods in which the homes people live in seem to have come off of a “cookie-cutter” factory line; every other one had matching shapes and colors. Sadly, this practice of creation can even reside in dentistry. But not in our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office. Here, we know that your smile is one-of-a-kind.

The term “smile makeover” is relatively overused at this point in time. We use it because it’s what people know. However, the actual process that is involved in bringing out the best in a person’s face can’t be adequately described in those two little words. Ultimately, a smile makeover is more of a redesign; a custom-designed protocol that is anything but cookie-cutter. Before we ever commence with treatment planning, we have to answer one important question:

What do you want your face to look like?

You see, your smile is a central aspect of your face. Even something as simple as teeth-whitening is going to change the way your face looks – for the better, of course.

Your Smile, Your Way

What is involved in a smile makeover, or redesign, is different for everyone and determined by the conversations we have about what you ultimately want. Some answers may be obvious: “I want straighter teeth.” Some may be more conceptual: “I want my smile to reflect my personality” (the shape of your teeth comes into play here, believe it or not). With the objective in mind, we are then able to create the contours, color, and shapes that are proportionate to the other features of the face to obtain the desired outcome.

Everything from the way your teeth fit together to how the muscles around your mouth sit can beautifully refine your smile, and thus your face. Dr. Frey has the extensive background in neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to create something beautiful, something that reflects who you are.

Learn more about full-smile revitalization. Call our Los Angeles office at 310-276-4537.

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