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The Objective of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Objective of Cosmetic Dentistry | David S. Frey DDSMen and women in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas trust cosmetic dentistry professional Dr. David Frey to help them meet their goals that center on a healthy, attractive smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field in which the sole purpose is to bring out a person’s natural beauty using meticulous techniques and lifelike materials.

Innovation in cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for dentists to mimic the appearance and the structural integrity of natural teeth using highly durable materials. However, the magic of cosmetic dentistry does not lie only in materials; there is an extensive amount of training that a cosmetic dentist completes making the best use of these materials. Truly, a smile makeover of any degree is a work of artistry and skill.

Procedures for Better Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is a rather complex practice because every tooth is different. Also, dentists are not dealing only with teeth, but also the jaw, bone structure, facial symmetry, and patient preference. The objective of each case is unique, which is why there is such a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments available today.

  • Teeth whitening goes above and beyond the polishing that one gets from their whitening toothpaste. Patients of our Beverly Hills office may elect to have us whiten their teeth, or to obtain their desired result through professional teeth whitening with a home kit.
  • Porcelain veneers. What can’t be done with porcelain veneers? Very little, it would seem. The customized canvas of dental porcelain may be placed to cover a chip, gap, or much more.
  • Dental bonding is also a veneer process that may be appropriate for inconsequential repairs, such as a small stain or chip. A cosmetic dentist performs bonding with a clear objective of reinstating the full natural appeal of the tooth and the smile as a whole.
  • Lumineers are minimal-prep porcelain veneers that take only two visits to complete a smile makeover. The ultra-thin nature of Lumineers is appealing to individuals who would prefer to preserve tooth enamel.

Not your Mother’s Dentistry

The way that dental care is conducted today is a far cry from what our parents received. Whether you have a tooth or teeth that need repair or replacement, or your primary objective is to freshen up your smile, you can expect personal, friendly care to be developed around your expectations.

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