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Crooked Teeth? Here’s Why Veneers May be Ideal for You!

Porcelain Veneers Beverly HillsWhen teeth are crooked or overlapping, our first inclination may be to believe that orthodontic treatment is necessary. Sometimes, this is true. There are degrees of misalignment that need to be fully and physically corrected by moving teeth into a better position. In some cases, however, we may be able to correct the appearance of crooked teeth using porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic veneer treatment for crooked teeth can achieve quite a bit for your smile, and even your oral health . . .

Tooth Shape

One of the aspects of veneer treatment that is so special is that it takes into account the overall shape and size of the teeth in question. To correct an overlap or misalignment, including turning, it may be necessary to cover more than one tooth. This is because we want each tooth to have a nice overall size, width, and shape at the end of the cosmetic process.


Just because veneers may originally be intended for the correction of some degree of misalignment doesn’t mean we have to color match to the existing shade of enamel. Many patients undergo teeth whitening treatment before the fabrication of porcelain veneers so natural enamel and veneers all shine as bright as their inner personality. Because it is unlikely that porcelain will dull over time, veneers act as the new baseline shade for future maintenance.

Facial Symmetry

Addressing cosmetic flaws in the smile does a lot for the face as a whole. This is because more teeth may show in the smile when teeth no longer appear crowded. When each tooth is properly spaced, sized, and shaped, the proportion of teeth to gums to lips all changes for the better.

Multiple Improvements in One

It is easy to see why porcelain veneers are the go-to treatment for individuals who want the very best for their smile. While using veneers to hide misalignment, much more may be gained. Small spots or stains, chips, and odd shape are just a few of the imperfections that can be mitigated with veneers.

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