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Smile Enhancements 7 Times More Popular Than Facelifts

There are lots of ways we can improve our appearance and stay looking younger. As a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist I do lots of smile enhancements and smile makeovers for patients who are unhappy with their smile. They aren’t alone. A  poll conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology found the following:
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist: Smile Enhancements 7 Times More Popular Than Facelifts

  • 50 percent of people consider the smile the first facial feature they notice (I actually think this number is higher!)
  • 80 percent are not happy with their smile
  • Respondents were seven times more likely to have smile enhancement procedures, than face-lifts
  • Smile enhancement procedures outnumbered eyelid surgeries five to one

The wonderful thing about enhancing or making over your smile is that it gives you a more youthful, more polished look but no one can quite put their finger on what you’ve had done! They know you look great, better than you used to look, but unlike a more obvious plastic surgery they can’t immediate pinpoint what has changed.

Smile makeovers are highly individual. Gone are the days of the old Hollywood “chiclet” smile. Today our smile makeovers are designed to give you the beautiful smile you should have been born with — one that works with your features to improve your overall appearance. Maybe smile enhancements are 7 times more popular than facelifts because once patients had their smile makeovers they realized they didn’t need plastic surgery!

Find out more about smile makeovers by contacting Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey today at 310-276-4537.

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