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Smile Makeover Beverly Hills, CA

4 Ways to Protect Your Radiant Smile

A healthy smile is a true asset to health and wellness. An attractive smile is, too, actually. When teeth look white and radiant, we feel better. We smile more. When we do this, we attract goodness into our lives. Studies have proven that smiling is a minor physical act that excites the brain to produce… Read More »

A Full Mouth Makeover May Give You More than You Bargained For

Millions of people have looked for aesthetic solutions to the concerns they have with their smile. Over the years, these solutions have only gotten better. In our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice, the full-smile makeover is one of our most popular procedures. It’s more of a process, really; one in which we get a full… Read More »

Your Smile is Not a Cookie

During the holidays, you may have seen your fair share of those cute little cut-out cookies; ones made to look like ugly sweaters or reindeer or good old Santa himself. As children, many of us enjoyed the process of using cookie-cutters to create our very own delectables to be intricately decorated. Today, we can drive… Read More »

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