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Restore the smile with porcelain veneers

For some patients, a beautiful smile does not come naturally. Certain genetics and predisposition can leave patients with imperfect smiles. In many cases, these imperfections can be easily addressed with the use of dental restorations used in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. David S. Frey in Beverly Hills, CA is excited to offer a range of aesthetic… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers Beverly Hills, CA

How to Make the Most of Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Frey is known for the thoughtfulness he puts into every dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is an investment and one that we do not take lightly. When you visit us in Beverly Hills or Marylebone in the UK, you can expect to receive comprehensive care that extends beyond your time in the office. Here, we… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers Beverly Hills, CA

Veneer Maintenance Made Simple

Many people express an interest in porcelain veneers as a treatment to enhance the attractiveness of teeth. Veneers made from high-quality dental porcelain are only about as thick as a contact lens, making this cosmetic restoration ideal for some improvements. Common uses for porcelain veneers include closing gaps and disguising stains, chips, and other flaws.… Read More »

gaps in teeth

Reclaim Confidence by Sealing Those Teeth Gaps

Gaps in the teeth occur in one of three ways: there’s unusual spacing between your teeth, you have unusually small teeth, or you have missing teeth. Filling in unsightly gaps in your teeth can make a dramatic difference to your overall appearance and confidence. There are different techniques to correct this problem, including getting braces… Read More »

fix crooked teeth

The Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing Your Crooked Teeth

There are many dental problems a person can encounter, but one of the most terrifying, if not the most disappointing, is a crooked smile. People who have crooked teeth could find it difficult to complete simple tasks such as eating, drinking, or even talking. Although there are various reasons as to why someone has a… Read More »

Chipped a Tooth? Dental Bonding is for You

Repairing Chipped or Broken Teeth

The enamel covering the teeth is the toughest, most mineralized tissue in the body. It is supposed to withstand the daily wear and tear brought about by chewing on tough foodstuff. However, just like any part of the body, the enamel also has its limits. Certain incidents, such as a fall or taking a blow… Read More »

To Moms Everywhere... Thanks For The Smiles

Cosmetic Dental Surgery for Children

Ravaged by Cavities: Children and Cosmetic Surgery While the adage “prevention is better than cure” is particularly true in caring for a child’s teeth, is a matter of fact that many children suffer from cavities. In many cases, cavities even make seemingly irreparable damage to children’s teeth. While seeing a child’s baby teeth ravaged by… Read More »

yellow vs white teeth

A Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

Having damaged, tarnished, or distorted teeth can cause a tremendous blow on a person’s self esteem. Thankfully, there are now a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that make the reinvention of one’s smile possible. Among such procedures is the application of porcelain veneers. Made of a thin layer of porcelain that appears exactly like the… Read More »

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