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Orthotropics vs. orthodontics

Dr. David Frey is a dentist in the Beverly Hills, California area who understands that is necessary for proper dental health and development. When patients are dealing with bite alignment or crooked teeth, they may think that orthodontic work is the solution. However, there is another area of treatment that patients might not realize exists:… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers vs. Orthodontics

Affordable Magic: Porcelain Veneers Versus Orthodontics

Braces or veneers, which of these 2 cosmetic dentistry procedures can give you a beautiful smile? Here are some of the things you need to consider before you make a decision. Porcelain Veneers Veneers are made of thin porcelain and customized to recreate the natural shape and color of the teeth of the wearer. They… Read More »

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