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Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Through your Senior Years

Aging is a process that may give us the illusion of a natural “wearing out” of various body parts. Our joints become creaky and stiff. Our teeth become dull and yellow and may seem to damage more easily. This idea, in particular, is false. Our teeth can last us our lifetime. We don’t have to… Read More »

Smoking and your Smile | David S. Frey DDS

Smoking and your Smile

Most Americans have heard once or twice (or several times) that “smoking is not good for you.” Yes, yes, yes. Smoking can cause lung cancer. And yet, this habit remains a prevalent condition in our country, not only among adults but among young people, as well. The fact is, studies have identified several thousand chemicals… Read More »

Reasons to Send Procrastination Packing

Reasons to Send Procrastination Packing

Do you procrastinate when it comes to scheduling that routine dental visit? You know, the one in which your dentist checks and cleans your teeth before dental problems can unravel your oral health. If you do, we want to help you. Patients of Dr. Frey and the team in our Beverly Hills office are treated… Read More »

Basic Oral Hygiene

Dental Hygiene 101: Taking Care of Your New Smile

A smile has been known to be one of the most beautiful features that can be found on a person’s face. By simply revealing your pearly whites, a wave of uncharted emotions is sent to the receiver, thus giving you an additional hint of mystery and charm. However, not everyone is born destined to have… Read More »

Should You Use An Electric Or Manual Toothbrush?

Should You Use An Electric Or Manual Toothbrush?

The Toothbrush: One of the most basic, efficient tools of modern society! But as technology continues to progress, patients ask which is best—a manual toothbrush or an electric one? First of all, it’s important to note that most people can get an effective cleaning using either option. Nevertheless, the Cochrane study evaluating hundreds of electric toothbrushes… Read More »

While You Bathe In The Sun, What Do Your Teeth Bathe In?

While You Bathe In The Sun, What Do Your Teeth Bathe In?

When it’s warm outside we all enjoy our favorite warm weather foods and beverages! Have you ever considered how some of these affect your smile? You may be surprised. Here’s a short list of foods that can do some damage to your teeth if you’re not thoughtful about it. Warm Weather Foods To Be Aware… Read More »

Learning From Ancient People About Our Oral Health

Learning From Ancient People About Our Oral Health

7,500 Years Ago People May Have Had Healthier Teeth Does that seem odd? Ancient people didn’t have modern dental care or fluoride toothpastes, but they did have a different diet. Researchers studied DNA1 from preserved tartar of ancient humans and concluded that these ancient mouths may have been healthier than ours today. The “basic” foods… Read More »

Fight Dry Mouth | Beverly Hills

Medications Can Contribute To Dry Mouth Syndrome & Affect Your Oral Health

Medications often have frustrating side effects such as nausea or headaches. But did you know that dry mouth is also a common side effect of prescription drugs? Saliva Helps Keep Your Mouth Healthy There are over 400 medications that can affect your salivary glands. These medications include those used to treat depression, anxiety, pain, allergies, diarrhea,… Read More »

The Buy One, Give One Toothbrush... Bogobrush!

The Buy One, Give One Toothbrush… Bogobrush!

What if your toothbrush could be a force for good in the world? Pretty high expectations, right? But that’s exactly what the developers of Bogobrush are trying to do. It’s Like The Tom’s Shoes Concept The makers of the Bogobrush re-imagined the toothbrush while adding the philanthropic component. To be clear, we’re not affiliated with… Read More »

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