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Let's Talk about Neuromuscular Dentistry | David S. Frey DDS

Let’s Talk about Neuromuscular Dentistry

There are several symptoms that you may experience on a routine basis, never realizing that the soreness or stiffness in your jaw could be an actual disorder. If your jaw makes popping sounds when you chew, or you simply feel tension across the jaw, it is possible that you are affected by TMJ disorder. TMJ… Read More »

Beverly Hills TMJ Treatment Solves Pain Problems

Beverly Hills TMJ Treatment Solves Chronic Pain

As a provider of TMJ treatment in Beverly Hills I see many people suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain has the potential to be a seriously debilitating condition that brings life to a screeching halt and because the pain from TMJ problems can mimic other health problems some people suffer for years before finding the… Read More »

Beverly Hills TMJ Treatment Solves Pain Problems

Beverly Hills Women More Likely To Experience Facial Pain Problems

Headaches and facial pain due to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) affect many more women than men. A recent review in the Journal of the American Dental Association looked at the reasons for this disparity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that women are at higher risk for many clinical pain conditions and evidence suggests that… Read More »

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