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Periodontal Disease | Beverly Hills, CA

The importance of seeking periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease is a serious condition that can impact the smile in a negative way. It is a condition that cannot be cured, only control, so prevention is imperative. However, if patients develop periodontal disease, having a dental professional by their side is essential in addressing the problem and keeping it from developing into bigger,… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Getting a Handle on Bleeding Gums

The sight of blood in the sink when you brush, or floss can be disturbing. This may be especially true if you notice blood frequently. Because this is one of the primary symptoms of gum disease, it is necessary to take bleeding gums seriously. When we can discern the underlying cause of bleeding (it may… Read More »

When Intervention is Needed | David S. Frey DDS

When Intervention is Needed

Dentistry is more about prevention than about chasing problems throughout the mouth. At least that is the ideal. That is why we hear so much about seemingly minor conditions like gingivitis. You may have heard this term often, on television commercials or even from your dentist. Unless you have been told that your gums have… Read More »

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