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Snacking May Be Harmful to Your Teeth

It’s back to school time, and that has many people scrambling to find snacks that will suit their children. Snacking isn’t something that occurs only in lunchrooms or classrooms; a high percentage of the adult population would describe themselves as “snackers,” too. Grabbing a small bite provides a mood boost, and it might stave off… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Dental Cleanings Add Value to Your Smile

Much of the work that is done in our Beverly Hills office revolves around making the smile look amazing. Cosmetic dentistry is rewarding for us and for our patients. At the same time, we still regard routine exams and cleanings as the foundation on which all beauty can be built. You may realize that twice-a-year… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

What an Additional Minute a Day Can Do for Your Life

Oral care is a simple task that we are encouraged to perform twice a day. Brushing is easy. Most people have this down to a highly-efficient practice that we do morning and night. Flossing and other steps, however, may come as more of a challenge. Chore may be a better word. We realize that the… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Getting a Handle on Bleeding Gums

The sight of blood in the sink when you brush, or floss can be disturbing. This may be especially true if you notice blood frequently. Because this is one of the primary symptoms of gum disease, it is necessary to take bleeding gums seriously. When we can discern the underlying cause of bleeding (it may… Read More »

General Dentistry Beverly Hills, CA

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Through your Senior Years

Aging is a process that may give us the illusion of a natural “wearing out” of various body parts. Our joints become creaky and stiff. Our teeth become dull and yellow and may seem to damage more easily. This idea, in particular, is false. Our teeth can last us our lifetime. We don’t have to… Read More »

General Dentistry Beverly Hills, CA

Sensitive Teeth: It may not be What You Think!

Tooth pain of any degree can be downright frightful. Even mild sensitivity can evoke a few unsettling feelings. At the same time, though, we are often reassured about tooth sensitivity in commercials and ads that tell us we can feel more comfortable as we sip our coffee or iced tea if we use a certain… Read More »

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Does your Breath Need a Makeover?

As a well-known cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Frey is familiar with the innumerable benefits of bringing more beauty out in the smile. He is also aware of the fact that, no matter how gorgeous and bright a person’s teeth are, they won’t feel much like smiling or speaking if they struggle with bad… Read More »

We Strive for Greatness | David S. Frey DDS

We Strive for Greatness

There is never really a bad time to feel good about seeing the dentist. Unfortunately, statistics continually demonstrate how difficult it is for a large majority of people to see their dentist as routinely as they should. In some instances, the citing issue is the financial constraint. In many cases, though, what keeps people from… Read More »

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