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Posts From February, 2017

Why Cavities May Be an Issue | David S. Frey DDS

Why Cavities May Be an Issue

Cavities. These small problems are often considered common among children much more so than adults. However, there are individuals for whom cavities continue to be a struggle, despite their best efforts to take good care of their teeth. There is such a thing as being prone to cavities. Here, we will discuss the factors that… Read More »

Dental Implants | David Frey | Beverly Hills, CA

Why Tooth Loss Demands Prompt Care

So much has changed over the past century that very little of what we do today follows the same basic methodologies. We no longer rely on horsepower in the same ways that Grandma and Grandpa may have. And, according to statistics, we are also enjoying greater health than our ancestors did. This includes better oral… Read More »

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