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How to know if you need a tooth extracted

The permanent removal of a tooth requires careful consideration. In most cases, Dr. David S. Frey believes that the maintenance of a natural tooth is the most desirable option. However, there are certain conditions and problems that may occur in which a tooth extraction is necessary to maintain one’s oral health and restore the smile.… Read More »

Dental hygiene tips for patients with dental implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting and reliable method of replacing one or more teeth. However, just like the natural teeth, dental implants require appropriate care to ensure their longevity. When patients take note of dental hygiene habits after the placement of dental implants, they will often find that this restoration will last them a lifetime!… Read More »

Orthotropics vs. orthodontics

Dr. David Frey is a dentist in the Beverly Hills, California area who understands that is necessary for proper dental health and development. When patients are dealing with bite alignment or crooked teeth, they may think that orthodontic work is the solution. However, there is another area of treatment that patients might not realize exists:… Read More »

TMJ treatment with FAGGA

Patients who experience locking, clicking, and painful jaw muscles may be unsure as to what is happening. They might reach out to their dentist for answers. Dr. David S. Frey sees many patients in his Beverly Hills, California practice who are seeking a solution for these problems, and they might be diagnosed with a condition… Read More »

Do I need to brush my tongue?

The teeth and gums need to be cared for each day to ensure they are healthy and clean. However, have you ever thought about the care and attention your tongue may need? The tongue is a rough surface that can be the perfect location for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria that resides on the tongue… Read More »

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