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Sleep Apnea Treatment Beverly Hills, CA

How to Spot the Dangers of Snoring

You may realize that you snore but have little idea of how severe your snoring problem really is until someone tells you. If a loved one has expressed concern about your snoring habit and its disruptive nature, there is more than one reason to take note. Not only do you want to support your relationship… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Dental Cleanings Add Value to Your Smile

Much of the work that is done in our Beverly Hills office revolves around making the smile look amazing. Cosmetic dentistry is rewarding for us and for our patients. At the same time, we still regard routine exams and cleanings as the foundation on which all beauty can be built. You may realize that twice-a-year… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers Beverly Hills, CA

How to Make the Most of Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Frey is known for the thoughtfulness he puts into every dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is an investment and one that we do not take lightly. When you visit us in Beverly Hills or Marylebone in the UK, you can expect to receive comprehensive care that extends beyond your time in the office. Here, we… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

What an Additional Minute a Day Can Do for Your Life

Oral care is a simple task that we are encouraged to perform twice a day. Brushing is easy. Most people have this down to a highly-efficient practice that we do morning and night. Flossing and other steps, however, may come as more of a challenge. Chore may be a better word. We realize that the… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Getting a Handle on Bleeding Gums

The sight of blood in the sink when you brush, or floss can be disturbing. This may be especially true if you notice blood frequently. Because this is one of the primary symptoms of gum disease, it is necessary to take bleeding gums seriously. When we can discern the underlying cause of bleeding (it may… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CA

Are You Still Misunderstanding the Root Canal?

Root canal therapy has existed for many, many years. The initial technique to treat infection deep within a tooth was first developed in the mid-1800s. That has presented an enormous opportunity for refinement. It has also given us plenty of time to reach assumptions about a beneficial treatment that don’t serve us. You may have… Read More »

General Dentistry Beverly Hills, CA

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Through your Senior Years

Aging is a process that may give us the illusion of a natural “wearing out” of various body parts. Our joints become creaky and stiff. Our teeth become dull and yellow and may seem to damage more easily. This idea, in particular, is false. Our teeth can last us our lifetime. We don’t have to… Read More »

TMJ Beverly Hills, CA

Jaw and Facial Pain: Let’s Explore Bruxism and TMJ

To have chronic or frequent pain in the jaw, face, head, and neck can be extremely frustrating. Because medical and dental science still has a ways to go in understanding chronic pain, the frustration of this condition may be exacerbated by a lack of accuracy in treatment. Here, we want to discuss how jaw structure… Read More »

A Full Mouth Makeover May Give You More than You Bargained For

Millions of people have looked for aesthetic solutions to the concerns they have with their smile. Over the years, these solutions have only gotten better. In our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice, the full-smile makeover is one of our most popular procedures. It’s more of a process, really; one in which we get a full… Read More »

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