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The Smile Doctor: A Causal Interview With Cosmetic Dentist David Frey

A nice smile can not only light up a face, it can light up a room. And Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey has certainly illuminated his fair share. Here, the artistic, LA-born Frey answers our GENLUX Two-Word Questionnaire.

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Describe yourself.

Artistic, compassionate, kind, precise, fun-loving.

Your passion?

Making life-changing, healthy, gorgeous smiles for people who deserve it and really want and appreciate the transformation.

Joyful moments?

Seeing patients shed tears of joy when seeing their new smile after years of not being able to part their lips. Nearly an everyday occurrence in the office.

Embarrassing moment?

I once told a patient she looked ten years younger after we completed her treatment plan, then turned to whom I thought was her mom to ask how she liked the makeover. The patient said “That’s my sister.”

Plan B?

If I weren’t a dentist, I’d like to be an entrepreneur creating innovative products in Silicon Valley and helping to find a cure for cancer. I’ve had the opportunity to step inside this world by designing and patenting The Zone, an innovative and affordable mouth guard for high-impact sports—both for students and pros on the gridiron. It’s based on my principles of neuromuscular treatment of aligning the jaw for the right bite position and assists in protecting against concussions.

Signature procedures?

Correcting TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and our signature Smile Makeovers that include full-mouth revitalization. When the two treatment plans come together it reduces years of pain, and the patient gets the beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Favorite getaways?

I love Catalina or Sun Valley, Idaho. Abroad it would be Capri. The food, the people…living life!

Favorite charities?

Anti-defamation and human rights, and cancer work through micro-charity work, whereby individual people are impacted, as well as the macro giving to big nonprofits.

Biggest fear?

As a kid, it was the universal concern: I was worried about becoming homeless, not having money for shelter or food.

DNA change?

If I could change anything about myself, I’d strive to make more time for family, existing friends and meeting new ones.

Best times?

Spending time with my beautiful wife Stephanie and two children, Aaron and Ashley.

Best traits?

My friends might say my sense of humor and my voracious appetite to live and enjoy life.

Worst traits?

Being Dr. David Frey, ‘Mr. My Way,’ I’m told. I’m always trying to get my own way.

Childhood scars?

My dad died at young age, and I didn’t have a lot of mentoring in the sports area. I didn’t have a lot of athletic talent, but loved sports. However, I was always picked last on the team lines.

Second act?

I’d like to come back as a dolphin. They’re playful, intelligent, and loyal to their families and community.

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